In celebration of 10,000 Swamp cartoons by Gary Clark

10,000th Daily Cartoon Strip!

10,000th Swamp Cartoon

How did it get to 10,000 daily cartoons? It took 10,000 days from Monday to Saturday which is 1,666 weeks which equals 32 years! 

To give a comparison, if the cartoon strips were the equivalent of white lines on a road they would stretch for 90ks (or 56 miles). If they were bricks, there would be enough to build an average brick home.

Added to that are the Sunday cartoons which are the large format cartoons. To date there have 1,573 of those. So there has been a lot of laughter, thousands of deadlines and tens of thousands of fans.

To mark this milestone, I would like to dedicate Cartoon No: 10,000 to Ryan Campbell. At 19, Ryan became the youngest pilot to have flown solo round the world in September 2013. Ding Duck was his mascot.

Here's to you Ryan.....Gary and Ding Duck.

Ryan Campbell

Image by Dylan Robinson

Video Tribute:

 A video tribute by songwriter/musician and long time Swamp Fan, Joshua Duroux of Big Toe Productions in celebration of the 10,000th Swamp cartoon. Check it out on YouTube 

Great job Josh....Thankyou, Gary

I posted it on Facebook and when I made a comment that he went to a lot of effort this was his reply :

"My video editing software and my PC couldn't handle all of them at once, kept crashing! 
So I made a series of smaller videos of a few hundred at a time, then stitched them together. A bit of editing and no small dose of luck got the Swamp Tour song edited to the right length! I'm glad I was able to start with strip number 1!"

Amazing amount of effort as a goodwill gesture!