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Bob The Crayfish Feature


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Lots more of Bob the Crayfish   

           Bob The Crayfish

This month we take a look at Bob the Crayfish who has become a popular character in the Swamp.

He does his best not to get eaten and when you are on the lower end of the food chain that requires a degree of  ingenuity to avoid that fate!

 Tell Gary aka Bob's creator you don't want Bob to be eaten!!!                             


Bob the Crayfish is a very likeable character. When one has big claws for appendages it only seems right to make the most of this opportunity. That he does and has much fun in the process.

The inspiration for Bob The Crayfish came after Gary had created a series of characters for RiverSmart Australia. The characters were a simple, clean design. This simple design inspired Gary to introduce a new character in the Swamp in that same style.


  Bob The Crayfish            Bob The Crayfish           Bob The Crayfish          Bob The Crayfish

Bob The Crayfish