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Characters - Swamp Dwellers

Tour Guide
Driver for the tour ride you take when all the rest are fully booked.

Swamp Ducks
These ducks have a unique perspective of SWAMP life.

Wart Frog
SWAMP smart. Wart Frog just looooves to eat mosquitoes, flies - anything that moves really. He is the Champion fly blatter in the Swamp. An all round fat frog. He gives his lily pad a workout!

Mort Frog
Cute, pre-teen frog. His ‘frogginess’ is still emerging, still unsure of the concept. Philosophical side kick to his pal and mentor Wart.

Old Man Croc
Toothless, ageing, nit-infested shadow of his former fearsome self. He likes to reminisce when he had a full set of teeth, his skin didn't sag and best of all when he could scare people.

Nit-picker Bird
Croc’s ever present pain in the neck. Ex-mascot of the Muddiduberra Yacht Club.

Turtle and Snail
Turtle takes in life in the slow lane while Snail likes to feel the wind in his feelers.

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