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Copyright Information on Swamp Cartoons

"The Swamp" Cartoon by Gary Clark was first published in the Sunshine Coast Daily, Maroochydore, Queensland, Australia in 1981 and since publication all copyrights and trademarks on this site and other electronic and print media remain the property of Gary Clark and Swamp Productions Pty Ltd. Unauthorized use of these images is prohibited. Permission must be obtained.

Ding Duck is a registered trademark of Swamp Productions Pty Ltd in Japan and South Korea and copyrighted worldwide by Gary Clark.

Search for a Cartoon you would like to publish in a Magazine, Book, Newsletter, Website, etc:

Please click on Search and type in a simple search term such as Ding Duck, Student, Frogs, Croc, flying, crashing etc and the archive will show you all the cartoons pertaining to that topic.

Permission to reprint a cartoon strip:

Please email reprintrequest@swamp.com.au or write to:
Gary Clark
Swamp Productions Pty Ltd
PO Box 51
Everton Park  QLD   4053  Ph : 07 3353 0422

Please quote the cartoon number which can be found by right clicking on the chosen strip and selecting properties. The cartoon archive number will appear at the top of the property box.

If you are requesting a cartoon you have seen in print, the archive number can be found next to the signature and copyright date.
If the number is illegible quoting the copyright date and the punch line may be enough to find the cartoon

Cartoons can be obtained free of charge for use in non-profit newsletters, club magazines and non-commercial in-house publications.

For all commercial uses, a copyright fee will be charged. Please email the details of the commercial request to : reprintrequest@swamp.com.au and a fee will be quoted.

On receipt and approval of a copyright request a high resolution file of the strip will be emailed.