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From: Lannah Sawers-Diggins

Sent: Tuesday, 19 March 2013 7:04 PM
To: Gary SWAMP cartoons - LI connection
Subject: RE: 2013-03-19 Hi Lannah, Here is your daily Swamp Cartoon. Enjoy!


Hi Gary

I LOVE these cartoons sooo much.  When I am having a not-so-good day they always cheer me up - not that I need it a lot - but when it happens.  Thanks.  This one just reminded me so much of me.  I did exactly this when trying to avoid one exam but definitely sit another, many years ago at boarding school.   Trouble is, the rotters had swapped the exams.  So I finished up sitting for a subject I detested and missed the one that I actually enjoyed - and of course flunked both.  


Ho hum.  They say cheats never prosper.  Methinks I don't like whoever said that.


Thanks Gary.  Keep up the brilliant work.





Lannah Sawers-Diggins

0411 139 639



From: gary@swamp.com.au
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2013 05:00:01 +1100
Subject: 2013-03-19 Hi Lannah, Here is your daily Swamp Cartoon. Enjoy!


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8/11/12 Comment : Theory of flight & murphys law - absolute classic, had the whole office laughing. Peter Geoffrey

 Some of our favourite comments from Facebook :

 Gary Sir, We have to thank you world have to thank you for such great and positive job. You are a ROCKSTAR of your field. Love your work. Syed Shazil Ameer Kazmi

Love this!!! Jacqueline Yatko Grabski
Facebook got so much funnier since Swamp joined! Thank you! Susi Karrer 

Mr Clark,

            this series has been very funny,brilliant.



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Hi Gary Clark.

This is Ding, he is “black” duck. In photo one, the day we found him as very young and very sick duck down at a creek. He could not stand and hardly lift his head. Had to feed him a strong combination of lorikeet mix, protein paste and honey for the first couple of weeks. In photo two he was able to stand but he was still weak. He was able to eat on his own on vegies and sardines. In photos three and four he took a couple of months to get better.
 We had Ding for three years now. It was last year a small twister type wind grabbed him and dumped him on the roof. Had to go up on the roof to get him down. Lucky he didn’t get dumped over the back fence, there is a dog! Couple months ago, found another “black” duck at the pond in a park. He got bitten by a dog there. He has a limp and badly broken wing. His upper arm wing bone was broken in three places. This duck’s flying days are gone. He is Ding’s back yard buddy. Have not got name for this duck yet. He sometimes bosses Ding around when Ding annoys him. Ding can be a dingbat at times.

A big thankyou for the special drawing of Ding’s encounter with the twister wind!
Thankyou so much for your swamp books.

Cheez Julie.

Hi Gary!
My name is André Sao Pedro, a big swamp-fan from Sweden. Yesterday I made a tribute to your wonderful comic. I hope you enjoy it!
(Träsket means Swamp in swedish).
Keep up the good work! /André Sao Pedro

I love the new addition to your stable of characters, I hope to see more of the crayfish.

Regards - Dave

Blimey - This is so funny! Kendall W

On 24/09/2010 9:15 AM, Swamp wrote:

Cartoon of the Day: Fri 24 Sep 2010



i love it!!!!!


you simply amaze me


the croc kicking sand in a ducks face at the beach. truely awesome Kendall W

Cartoon of the Day: Fri 29 Oct 2010