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12,000th Cartoon

The Birdstrike Selfie Cartoon marks the milestone of the 12,000th cartoon for daily and Sunday cartoons created by Gary Clark.

Bird Strike Selfie

The Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville partnered with Swamp Cartoons for a Crocodile Country Exhibition. Read more details.

Best Comic Strip Cartoonist for 2013!

At the Australian Cartoonists Association Stanley Awards at Coffs Harbour on Saturday October 26, Gary Clark won his 11th Stan Cross Award for Comic Strip Cartoonist 2013. This award was sponsored by the Herald Sun Newspaper.

On the same night he received a merit ward for Best Comic Strip from the Rotary National Cartoons Awards. This is his 12th award. The winner of that category was Phil Judd. Well done Phil!

The ACA honoured Gary with an award for his 10,00th Cartoon Strip. The trophy was created by Peter Broelman who creatively designed an airplane crashing into an ink bottle symbolising Swamp's most popular character Ding Duck who is always crashing! Cartoon Number 10,000 was dedicated to the record breaking Ryan Campbell; the youngest pilot at 19 to have flown solo round the world. Read more here on Ryan and Cartoon No: 10,000.

During the presentation, the video created by Joshua Duroux in honour of my 10,000th cartoon was played. Thanks Josh! See it on YouTube: http://bit.ly/1gTYDxO

Stanley Cartoon Award 2013

10,000 Swamp Cartoons

October 11, 2013, Gary Clark celebrates a creative milestone of 10,000 Swamp cartoons. Read about this great achievement : Cartoon Number : 10,000

Ryan Campbell Teen World Flight Record

Ryan Campbell became the youngest pilot at age 19 to have flown solo round the world. Ding Duck was his mascot. Read his story here : Ryan Campbell 

New Ding Duck Cartoon Book! " I Want to Fly" $18.50

The latest Ding Duck Cartoon Book in full colour plus some of Ding's favourite Characters from the Swamp is on sale now.

Order Now in the Swamp Shop : http://bit.ly/IWantToFly

Radio Interview on Late Night Health

Gary was interviewed by Mark Alyn an award winning presenter on Late Night Health, a US radio show about health matters on November 3, 2012. What connection does a cartoonist have with health topics you might ask? Gary has conducted cartoon workshops over many years with sick kids in hospital. The workshops inspire kids to draw and think creatively.

The interaction with Gary and the fun the kids have brings light relief to what can be for many of them very serious medical issues. Laughter is good for the soul.

If you would like to listen to the interview here is the link; just scroll to the bottom of the page: http://www.latenighthealth.com/11-3-12.html

Swamp Cake Decorations

Well done Class 7 W, Everton Park Primary.

Thanks for joining in the fun with our cartooning lesson.

Congratulations Mr. Walters on your excellent cartoon after only one brief lesson.

You were obviously paying attention in class.

Duck makes Impact on Plane.

Those crazy ducks are at it again. This photo from a Paris, France news story shows the impact, at the front of a plane, when a duck flew into it! The plane ended up with a big dent in the front and the duck got away with the worst headache in history...

See the damage below...

Snow is falling in Victoria Canada.

Here’s a photo to prove it.

Not sure how Ding got to Canada but he seems to be enjoying the experience.
It’s a novelty to have his head covered in snow.
I guess it makes a nice change from Swamp mud.

 Note from sender:

I found Ding's Learners plate out in the front yard, which would explain why I didn't see it on him as he stood in the snow.  I am sure he can get a replacement from his instructor.  However, I do think that he flew here and back home, rather than taking a slow boat, as I also found a Qantas / Canadian Pacific Airlines boarding pass in the yard next to his Learners plate.

Ding contemplates the possibilities of flight with the aid of a Trebuchet.


Thanks to Paul Lisson for sending in the news and images above.


New Swamp Feature

Due to a number of fan requests we have a new feature lokking at the Bludgergar. This manic songbird creates mayhem wherever he goes...he appears in the strip from time to time but when he does he always makes an impct. Click here or on the image to visit the feature page.


Check out the old features from that page of a wide range of characters.


If you have a character you'd like to see in the Features Pages send us an email. Click here.

Ding Needs Help...

Recently, the below strip, was run in a large number of newspapers the Swamp comic strip appears. Alot of of readers and fans responded  to dings plee and their creative and fun comments can be seen on a special feedback page. Click here to view it or on the cartoon below.

If you have an suggestions for ding feel free to email him at: ding@swamp.com.au

News Aviation Cartoons Book

Martin Leeuwis has previously put out a book of aviation cartoons called 'A Good Landing'.
It included Gary's cartoons on the aviation theme. Now he has just put out a new book called "Going Up Sir!" This time it features 21 cartoonists from all over the globe. Cartoonists from countries such as the USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria and Germany are featured. Gary is Australia's only representative.

To view more about the book or purchase it click "Going Up Sir"

It's the pefect gift for anyone who loves cartoons about aviation. It has both black and white cartoons and coloured cartoons. And a wide range of styles and humour.

Korean Friends

 Gary Clark's Cartoon Workshops

Gary held a number of Cartoon Workshops for children during the recent school holdiays.

They were held in Brisbane with Brisbane City Libraries as well as the Toowoomba and Oakey Libraries.  The children were thoroughly entertained. They enjoyed learning how Gary creates cartoon ideas from scratch and basic drawing to create their own characters. Best of all, they had the opportunity to actively particpate in the workshops by creating and drawing their own characters and interacting with Gary.

Gary has some of the drawings from budding cartoonists at the workshops. Also, he had some great feedback from the children.

There will be more workshops in the September school holidays. If you would like to be notified about these workshops please email: sales@swamp.com.au

New Feature Page.

Don't' forget to check out the new Swamp Feature pages. This time around we are taking a look at the antics of the Nitpicker bird. This guy is the constant companion of Old Croc. He is always finding new ways to annoy the Old Croc. Nitpicker has lots of adventures trying different jobs and pastimes from pirate to backpacker, exchange student to bodyguard. There are a number of pages featuring old and new strips, dailies and Sunday strips. 

And keep an eye out a new pages of cartoons go up each week.

Click on the Nitpicker picture to visit the New Feature pages.

If you have a character or aspect of Swamp you'd love to see featured please contact us and let us know. Click here to comment.


AOPA at the Avalon Airshow 13th to 15th MArch 2009

Check out about the AOPA magazine by clicking on their logo.

Swamp's creator Gary Clark appearing at the AOPA Airshow

Gary Clark, the creator of Swamp, appeared at the AOPA stand at the Avalon Airshow from the 10th to the 15th of March 2009. The Avalon International Airshow will be held at the Avalon airport Geelong.

Gary was selling and signing his range of books at the AOPA magazine stand.

Gary wished to thank all at the AOPA magazine for hosting him and all the wonderful fans who came by and said hello. Especially the pilots who appreciated the aviation humour that plays an important part in the strip. Apart from some rain (never good at an airshow) a good time was had by all.


Swamp Goes Poetic.

A Swamp fan , Linda Symons, has put pen to paper and composed a poem about all the characters she loves in the Swamp comic strip. Click here to view.

If you have any such inspiration please let us know and send it through to the Swamp studio's at gary@swamp.com.au

Over the years the Swamp comic strips has inspired stories, music and even a theatrical musical!

Albany Creek Cartoon Workshops

Gary Clark recently held cartoon workshops at Albany Creek. The classes were run at the Albany Creek library for the Albany Home schooling Co-op. This group is made up of a number of families that have chosent ot home school their children.

It was a fun day for both parents and children as Gary demonstrated and taught cartooning to the kids. Below is an example of one of the childrens artwork from the workshop.

kids drawing from Albany Creek workshops


    Cartoon Dog
 Braden Aged 12



Cartoon, Animation and Manga Workshops

Gary's workshops with the Queensland Library over the past week saw alot of budding cartoonists! Gary led each class looking at the creation of ideas and characters, and how to put them into a strip format, and make them both humorous and entertaining.

The children attending got to see how this professional goes about creating fresh ideas and putting them together to create a professional comic strip. Gary had plenty of original art on hand for the children to see how the real things looks. Overall the attendee's had a fun time and walked away with a pad and pens to continue drawing and creating comic strips.

The classes have been deemed a real success and will be held again next year. So, kids, why not book in early see Gary and all the other professionals who are involved. It's a great way to be inspired in your cartooning.

A Good Landing!

A 'Good Landing' is a book of cartoons featuring 20 different cartoonists from around the world. It covers all aspects of flying and aviation. Most cartoonists have actual flying experience from commercail pilots to military experience. Gary Clarks 'Swamp' is featured throughout out this book in full colour. The publisher Martin Leeuwis has compiled some very humorous and enetertaining cartoons that aviation enthusiasts will enjoy.

This book is available on Martin's site at Good Landing.


Online Interview with Gary Clark.

In the past months Gary Clark, the creator of Swamp, was interviewed for the cartoon website, Comics Coast to Coast.

This site features alot of great interviews you can download and listen to. They have interviewed among other famous names , Patrick MacDonell who does the 'Mutts' strips. If you are a real cartoon fan then do yourself a favour and check their site out as it has alot of great material and information on cartooning.

This website is hosted by three cartoonists, Tom Racine, Brian Dunaway and Justin Thompson who do all the interviewing themselves.

Gary was their fourth international guest. They were put on to Gary by a young Swamp fan, Declan Byrne, who suggested they interview him. He even suggested some of the questions asked by the 'Coast to Coast' crew.

To hear the full hour interview click here.

Swamp Animation Short.

See the Swamp animation short on YouTube featuring the Rats.

It was done by two young animators, Xue Sen Wong and and Steven Smith, to see how the Swamp characters transferred to animation with the Adobe Flash program.

They did the voices and music themselves.

Both these guys have recently graduated from the Animation College of Southbank, Brisbane Queensland.

This is the original Sunday that the animation was based upon. Click on it to see the animation.

Click here to see it: Rats Animation.

Wildlife Australia Magazine.

Swamp will be featuring some exciting and educational material from the 'Wildlife Australia' magazine. These will be both fun and informative looking at swamps and their wildlife. So not only will you be able to laugh at the wildlife but you can learn about it here too! As you can see from the ads the magazine has been around a long time and has been a great advocate for both wildlife protection and preservation. The Swamp comic strip supports this important cause and will be partnering with them for these educational features among other initiatives very soon. So keep your eyes out!

To see their site click the following link: www.wildlife.org.au/magazine.html

This magazine is put out by the Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland. To find out more about them go to their website: www.wildlife.org.au/achievements.html

Feature Page

Don't forget to visit the feature page! Every month it will focus on a different character or side to the Swamp world and all it's inhabitiants.

If you have favourite characters you'd like to see on the Feature Page let us know. We want it to be your page!

This months feature looks at some of the most popular characters in the strip The Dumb Rats! You'll learn all about these characters and the fun they get up to in the strip!

The Lions Youth Project

Swamp has been asked to be part of the face of the promotion for the Lions club Youth Camps happening in August 2008.
The camp will be called "Camp Krokodile" and will feature the character Old Croc both on the promotional material an t-shirts available for the camp.
The character Old Croc will be used to make it more interesting and appealing to potential atendee's of the Lions Club run camps.

School Cartoon Competition

Gary is going back to school this week to draw some cartoons with an enthusiastic Yr 6/7 class from Two Mile State School. By using the Learning Place data conferencing tool Gary will run an exciting interactive cartooning workshop with the students online. The students will be drawing their cartoons in their classroom near Gympie, but Gary will be drawing and running the workshop from his interactive whiteboard in Brisbane.

This is the third year Gary has worked with the student winners of the Learning Place's annual Online Cartooning Competition. Each year students are challenged to submit cartoon drawings on a nominates theme to an online gallery, and the winning student wins their class an online cartooning workshop with Gary. This year the students from Two Mile State School were the lucky winners in the challenge to draw a healthy fruit or vegetable cartoon. The winning student drew this cool cartoon of "Chuck the Carrot".