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This month we take a look at those cool laid back dudes of the dump scene, 'The Swamp Rats', Cheese and Chives.

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No two Swamp characters fit so naturally into their surroundings better than the Dump Rats, Cheese and Chives. They are blissfully ignorant of things like order, responsibility  and personal hygiene, yet despite this, these rodents are a couple of the most popular characters in the Swamp.

Not only are they popular, but the scary fact is most of their fans identify with these scruffy rodents. Maybe it’s their easy-going, stress free, existence that appeals to most, maybe deep down we would all like to live this way, never having to clean up, never having to bath and Sludge surfing the day away.

Sure, they have a few fleas and the occasional touch of the plague but the true reason is because at times, these lazy, irresponsible and messy characters are happy, grateful and most importantly they know how to have fun and that makes them kings of their heap.



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