Swamp Cartoon Characters - Wart & Mort Frog, Ding Duck, Old Man Croc

Wart Frog
SWAMP smart. Champion fly blatter. An all round fat frog. Wart Frog is the fattest frog in the Swamp. There is no limit to the amount of flies and mossies he can consume. With his very loooooong tongue no insect is safe!


Mort Frog
Cute, pre-teen frog. His ‘frogginess’ is still emerging, still unsure of the concept. Philosophical side kick to his pal and mentor Wart.

Ding Duck
World’s worst flying student. After or in spite of 5397 flying lessons at last count, he still can’t fly.

Old Man Croc
Toothless, ageing, nit-infested shadow of his former fearsome self. He has reached the stage in life where everything sags.

Nit-picker Bird
Croc’s ever present pain in the neck. Ex-mascot of the Muddiduberra Yacht Club.

Rats Cheese & Chives
Living in a world of garbage, grime, junk, fleas and flies and loving every minute of it.

Turtle and Snail
Turtle takes in life in the slow lane while Snail likes to feel the wind in his feelers.