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The moment I saw these characters first appear on my drawing board I knew they were special and here to stay.

Motorbikes played a small part in my teen years. I spent many a weekend on the back of my mates beat up old BSA and Triumph bikes bashing through the bushland near home. And I spent many more weekends handing them tools as they tried in vain to keep them running.

I got my first job as an advertising artist with my right arm in plaster after I came to grief riding my brothers bike. When you think of bikers and bike clubs you think of tough, unsociable misfits. We had one at art school. He kept to himself, rarely spoke, wore the same jeans and leather jacket every day, kept dried dog poo in his top pocket (the rumour went . . .). Yet for all this he did the neatest and cleanest artwork in the whole class.

- The Comic that started the 'Wild Ducks' series | Click here to read more wild ducks comics -

I met another when I was 19. A huge bearded ex U.S Hells Angel who baptised me at a Gospel Tent meeting . . . So all these impressions have helped me form two clear opinions. The first is that our old motorbikes breakdown and the second is though these Wild Ducks appear tough on the outside...scratch below the surface and you may find a big softie. But be careful which one you scratch.