‘Holy Mackerel’ Animation

‘Holy Mackerel’ Animation by Gary Clark from the Documentary, ‘Drawing the Line”

Matt Blythe from Millstream Productions commissioned Gary Clark to create an animation about sustainability of Mackerel fish in Australia. This was part of the documentary, “Drawing the Line”. Commercial fishers who have a licence to harvest wild-caught Mackerel are permitted to catch 25,000 fish annually. That sounds like an enormous quantity of fish. It is, but it isn’t.

Those Mackerel are prolific little breeders. Just two of them can produce one million eggs. About 50,000 make it to maturity. Commercial fishers are only allowed to take 25,000 per year which means our Mackerel stocks are very sustainable.

This animation by Gary conveys this message in a humourous way and easy to understand. The voice over was by the commercial fisherman himself, Bruce Davey.

If you would like to commission Gary Clark to create animations for videos, film clips or documentary please contact him on Phone: (07) 3353 0422 or via the website.

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