Air Traffic Controller

Air Traffic Controller

Does his best to bring order in a sky full of chaos.

How does he do this? Simple: 20 cups of coffee each day! Air Traffic Controllers are fueled by caffeine.

Every day, the Air Traffic Controller faces challenges. His biggest is probably Ding Duck, the only duck in the Swamp who can’t fly. Sooooo many take-offs and unfortunately an almost equal number of crashes. Makes interesting viewing from the Tower!

Speaking of the Tower. Air Traffic Management spared no expense and got him a tree. Yep! A Tree! So, if you think your working conditions could be improved, they’re definitely better than a tree!

The Air Traffic Controller has his very own cartoon book, ‘Continue to Hold’! There are 450 cartoons all aviation themed and the hero of the book is the Air Traffic Controller. Interspersed among the cartoons are funny anecdotes about Air Traffic Control/Pilot interactions. A must buy for Air Traffic Controllers but anyone will enjoy this funny cartoon book.

Air Traffic Controller Cartoons

Enjoy this curated selection of cartoons featuring Air Traffic Controller. The strips displayed here are changed each month, so check back regularly to get to know Air Traffic Controller better.

Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Controller AffirmativeApril 6, 2019
Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Control PatternMarch 30, 2019
Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Control AffirmativeFebruary 27, 2019
Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Controller DiagramOctober 9, 2018
Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Control Descend ComicMarch 25, 2017
Swamp Cartoon - Air Traffic Control NestOctober 18, 2016
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