Aviator Ducks

Aviator Ducks

The Aviator Ducks provide their unique humour as their engage with air traffic control, jet engines (ouch), human pilots, clouds and flying freely in the skies. Ah, the dream of every pilot.

Aviator Ducks Cartoons

Enjoy this curated selection of cartoons featuring Aviator Ducks. The strips displayed here are changed each month, so check back regularly to get to know Aviator Ducks better.

Swamp Cartoon - Make Quick BuckOctober 4, 2023
Swamp Cartoon - Aircraft is Turning BackFebruary 6, 2023
Swamp Cartoon - Swamp Ducks Lost YetNovember 10, 2018
Swamp Cartoon - Customs Delay MigrationFebruary 5, 2018
Swamp Cartoon - Flapping Wings ComicAugust 5, 2017
Swamp Cartoon - Weather Related Delays ComicFebruary 14, 2017
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