TruckToons by Gary Clark

From the early 1980’s, Gary had been creating trucking cartoons or “TruckToons’ as they were called for Truckin’ Life Magazine. With no prior knowledge of trucks or the transport industry, Gary immersed himself in all things trucking and TruckToons came to life.

The magazine’s editor, Mal Johnson provided great input. It was a common occurrence for Mal to laugh whole heartily at a cartoon and finish with the comment, ‘Do better next time!’ Mal was a tough audience but he brought the best out in Gary.

You will see references to Truck Stops in many cartoons and this inspiration came from Gary’s brother-in-law, Graham McAtamney owning one. Nick’s Cafe at Oxley, Brisbane. Some of you may have eaten there! It was a content rich environment!

Further input especially around the later Diesel Dog cartoons came from another brother-in-law, Noel McAtamney. An absolute trucking enthusiast who kept trucking front of mind for Gary. He picked the right in-laws for his Trucktoons career!

Gary has called time on owning his collection of original TruckToon art. All bar a few are up for sale. They have never been put on the open market before. Once they are sold there are no more.

Whilst it has been years since Gary has drawn TruckToons, there are still many truckees and those in the transport industry who have fond memories of Gary’s wit and cartoon style. Now is the time to own a piece of that history.

Freight costs: For Aussie fans $7.95 per order. For Overseas fans $15.00 per order.

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