Swamp Ducks

Swamp Ducks

These ducks have a unique perspective of SWAMP life above and below the water.

They love to eat the worms that live in the mud but the worms love to prank the ducks.

Their encounters with stray golf balls from less than competent golfers makes life a tad painful.

Swamp Ducks Cartoons

Enjoy this curated selection of cartoons featuring Swamp Ducks. The strips displayed here are changed each month, so check back regularly to get to know Swamp Ducks better.

Swamp Cartoon - Duck Feeding Ground ComicAugust 20, 2015
Swamp Cartoon - Ducks Migrating ComicNovember 1, 2013
Swamp Cartoon - Golfing Fun 1February 18, 2011
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