Swamp Tours

Swamp Tours

Take a ride on the Swamp Tours Boat through the murky waters for a trip you won’t forget. You might expect to see fearsome croc feeding sessions. But, more than likely you will see the Chicken negotiating with a toothless crocodile, Old Man Croc on avoiding being eaten. If the truth is known, Old Man Croc would prefer to share the lunch on board with the tourists.

The Tour Boat Operator is a slightly hapless fellow. We won’t mention the times he has run aground!

All in all, the Swamp Tours Boat guides through the Swamp and you will see where all the inhabitants live and interact with each other. Oh, there are no refunds so don’t ask.

Swamp Tours Cartoons

Enjoy this curated selection of cartoons featuring Swamp Tours. The strips displayed here are changed each month, so check back regularly to get to know Swamp Tours better.

Swamp Cartoon - Croc Feeding Chicken ComicFebruary 19, 2016
Swamp Cartoon - Rogue Crocodiles Motorbikes ComicFebruary 7, 2015
Swamp Cartoon - Union Rules!December 18, 2012
Swamp Cartoon - Murphies LawOctober 4, 2010
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