turf wars

Turf Wars

Even in the fly kingdom there are turf wars around who has access to city garbage bins.

5,000 Flying Lessons

5000 Flying Lessons

Flight Theory Instructor is telling Ding Duck he’s had over 5000 flying lessons and still can’t fly but he keeps trying.

Transported by Scooters

Transported by Scooters

Two dung beetles are lamenting that it was inevitable dung balls would be transported by scooters.

cure for boredom

Cure for Boredom

Bob Crayfish is simmering away in the pot and he gets bored and the only cure for boredom is to pinch somebody.

Going to Fly

Going to Fly

Ding Duck declares that today he is going to fly and he’s going to swoop and zoom until he sees a helicopter.

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