New Air Traffic Control Cartoon Book

Continue to Hold Cartoon Book

It’s been a few years since Gary Clark published his last cartoon book which was ‘Ding Duck I Want to Fly!‘ Continuing the aviation theme, the latest cartoon book features the Air Traffic Controller.

The Air Traffic Controller is joined by the Aviators cohort of Ding Duck, Flying School Instructor, and the Aviator Ducks which makes for great entertainment. Interspersed among the cartoons are funny anecdotes of Air Traffic Control and Pilot interactions. As a passenger, this gives insight into what happens at the pointy end of the aircraft and the Tower during take-off and landing!

The 160 pages are filled with 450 cartoons so that’s a lot of laughter to be had!

Time to buy Gary Clark’s new Air Traffic Control Cartoon Book: ‘Continue to Hold’ and enjoy the laughter!

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